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Clients and Realtors Treat One Another as You want to be treated

May 25th, 2012


Sometime we forget to treat others the way we want to be treated. In real estate, I have met many clients and realtors. What I have found is there are many good agents out there working on your behalf. Just like any profession, you will find those who are there for the paycheck and those who give you 150% and willing to go that extra mile to make your experience a great one.


I would rate clients, on treating my time as precious as theirs. Be on time, as I am have made appointments to show them these homes. I would take care of their vehicle as if it was my own. I would wipe my feet, no drinking, eating or smoking in someone else’s car. I would not allow my children to kick the seats. I would understand that my agent probably has a family and when they don't answer my call at dinner time, and then they are probably eating. I would listen to them and understand that if I decide to sell within a few years, I just might not get what I’m asking for if I roll all of my expenses into the loan. I would never ask them to rebate me some of their commission. After all, we looked at 90 homes until I found the area I wanted to live in.


As an agent, I would listen to their needs, ask those questions and find out what is most important to them in this home buying process. I would be on time and have face to face meetings with them. I would ask them how they would like for me to communicate with them, email, phone or text. I would send them homes that I thought fit their needs I would ask them to rate these homes based on what they liked and didn't like to give me a better idea of what they were looking for. I would do a comparative market analysis on the homes they were interested in to see if the home is overpriced before they spend too much money and it doesn't appraise. I would be there to negotiate on their behalf and help them when their emotions outweigh their expectations. I would be available throughout the process with advice and guidance. I would follow up after the closing to keep in touch about the market and changes. I would be their source of information when needed.


If we both show one another appreciation for the hard work and the opportunity to work together, I feel it's a perfect real estate relationship and a lasting friendship.



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