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Houston is #1

October 15th, 2018

If you live here, it's pretty clear - Houston is the best! Our economy is strong. Our housing market is steady and home prices have found a relatively happy medium, neither too high for buyers or too low for sellers. Unemployment is low. gives us a “A” in both schools and diversity and Houston has a wide range of activities to occupy those diverse Houstonians. When most people think of Houston they immediately envision oil tanks, the ship channel, NASA or think of medical advancements, but most miss one key factor that makes Houston stand out from the rest - sports.  

The Astros, our local baseball team, won the World Series last year and got some acclaim (they are doing great this year too!), but it's also the sheer number of sports teams that call Houston home that is extraordinary. We have the Rockets for basketball fans, the Texans for professional football, the Dynamo and the Dash for soccer, and the Sabercats for rugby. We had a professional hockey team (remember the Aeros?) until 2013 and they won 16 of 19 seasons when they called Houston home. Progress is being made to re-establish an NHL team here. Only a hand full of cities in the nation have sports teams from all 4 major sports, but we are close.  

It's not just professional teams that make headlines in Houston. The University of Houston Cougars are 1 game away from being Texas Bowl eligible this year. Other college football teams include the Rice Owls and Texas Southern University Tigers. There is also a long list of minor or semi-professional women's football, soccer, basketball and roller derby teams. Texans also love high school football with a passion and Houston has 2 of the best in state teams - the North Shore Mustangs and the Katy Tigers.  

Many have wondered why Houston has yet to host a Summer Olympics - we have the sports venues, the night life, the hospitality, advanced medicine, sports fans and a large, diverse population. What we lack is transportation! Our already congested roadways (which are chronically reconstructed) would freeze under the flood of participants and spectators the Olympics would bring. Let Metro increase their progress of bus and railways; event and sport shuttles, then well be ready for 2032!

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