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February 7th, 2017

HAR Bay Area Realtor Networking Breakfast Deer Park TX


On Wednesday, Feb 8, 2017, at the Luby’s located at 4709 Center St, I will be talking about how Realtors can use social media to help engage their spear of influence and enrich their database. 


Deep Park Real Estate Expert


The Bay Area Realtor Networking Breakfast is one of’s longest and most successful realtor networking events in the greater Houston area. Troy Cothran and his Deer Park area Realtors put on a great event every month. 

For more information about the HAR Bay Area Realtor Networking Breakfast, contact Troy Cothran at

I will be talking about how to connect using all of the different forms of social media and how to do it for free or how to really explode your business using paid ads on Facebook.

Social media changes very quickly and as a real estate agent you must know how to use all of the tools in your toolbox.  I have found that staying on top of the game using a blog is one of the easiest ways to find and capture customers.  

In the next few paragraphs, I will attempt to show you how Google will pick this story up from my blog and make it relevant to the neighborhood called Cottonwood Estates in Deer Park TX. You should be able to go to Google and do a search for “Cottonwood Estates in Deer Park TX” and find this post on many different platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and many more.

You can create a post about your area and post pictures of the neighborhood or the landmarks in your area knowing it will create a buzz about that area.  You could talk about a place like Cottonwood Estates in Deer Park TX and become the local expert in all things Cottonwood Estates and Cottonwood Estates Real Estate and Cottonwood Estates Real Estate Trends.

Cottonwood Estates Real Estate Trends


You could talk about events in Cottonwood Estates in Deer Park TX or even talk about garage sales or open houses in Cottonwood Estates. 

You could start a group on or create a Facebook Group on Cottonwood Estates in Deer Park TX to welcome the new homeowners to the area.

You should be posting all of your listings and 100% of your SOLD listings to all of the social media sites as well. People like to see what is moving in any given area. And Cottonwood Estates in Deer Park TX is no exception to the rule.

Most people are visual. They like to see charts and graphs and pictures that tell a story and they really like videos that are one minute or less.

On you postings, make sure you give numbers on how the market is doing and use adjectives to make your headlines JUMP out. Use WHAT, HOW and WHY. Make bold promises and KEEP them. 

One must remember the social media world is a very loud area and if you only talk about real estate the consumer will turn you down if not off. So be sure to give relevant and pertinent information about real estate and the community that you are talking about. Give the consumer a reason to want to follow you on all of your social media outlets.

So just don’t post all JUST LISTED and JUST SOLD real estate postings. Talk about the city, and the community you want to become the expert in.



Whether you're interested in buying your first home, your next home, or just want to know more about home-ownership in general, I encourage you to check out a couple of great online resources: or And for all of your Pearland, TX and Northern Brazoria and Galveston County real estate needs, please visit my site at: KW Greater Northwest. All of these sites offer tons of useful, real estate-related information geared specifically for Texans.

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Danny Frank Realtor

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