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Why Didn't My House Sell in this Excellet Market?

June 1st, 2015


Debbie Russell,

The Simple Truth

Are You A Frustrated Seller?

Sometimes even the nicest homes don’t sell!

I am certain that you are wondering why your house did not sell.

Are you still committed to selling?

First, take a step back and review your decision to sell.  Do you still want to move?  Although you may feel discouraged, if you still want to or need to sell, make a renewed commitment to do what it takes to market the house effectively.

Next, find out precisely what went wrong.  An expired listing usually reflects a problem in one or more of four major areas: communication, price, condition or marketing.

Communication – What were various Buyers or Realtors saying about price, condition and/or location?  Inattention to a listing can make or break the end results.  For example, the day your house was listed it may have been the best deal in the subdivision.  But two weeks later perhaps the same floor plan by the same builder in a comparable or better location became available at a comparable or better price.  Perhaps you have noticed for yourself; that in each subdivision there are X number of builders that build X number of floor plans.  When all is said and done, buyers are typically looking for a particular floor plan that fits their life style, end of story.  If you do not know why buyers are by passing your home it could be costing you thousands of dollars and many sleepless nights.  Perhaps your house has been by passed 8 or 10 times by buyers who have actually purchased another property.  Did they by pass yours because of price?  Or was the floor plan simply not a workable floor plan for them?  Can you see how lowering the sales price in this particular situation would be of virtually no value to you, therefore giving away your hard earned money unnecessarily? 

Price The most common culprit.  Again, market conditions change from day to day depending on available inventory.  Pricing your home competitively to those that are available for purchase is only half of the strategy.  The other half is to price your home in competition with the property owners that were recently successful in selling their homes.  For example 28% of all Clear Creek ISD listings listed to sell during their first term with their first Realtor year to date and in 2014.  Again, there are many, many reasons.  Does your real estate agent know what they are?< > – A house in move in condition invites a sale, bottom line.  Have you fixed the little squeaks and drips, cleaned and painted, uncluttered, brightened up and concentrated on outside curb appeal?  Did you know that 65% of the buyer’s decision to purchase occurs within the first 15 seconds, before the buyer ever enters the house?  Did your Realtor know this?  Did your Realtor share this with you?  Additionally are you being bypassed online?  Curb appeal will make little difference should they eliminate your home while shopping online.  Your online appearance must be up to snuff and or above as well as your curb appeal.

Marketing – Believe it or not, the MLS is one of the most powerful tools for marketing your property that has ever existed. Do not take it for granted.  Yes, there are literally thousands of properties in the local MLS.  What your real estate agent includes or omits about your home in the MLS can literally make or break the sought out future transaction.  I will show you multiple examples of incorrect MLS activity that caused properties to not sell.  I can also show you how quickly these same homes sold when a Realtor who new how to turn the MLS into a true ally was able to list and sell the same homes that other Realtors were not able to sell.

Are you ready?  Let’s get together and talk face to face.  I will be happy to share with you my 21 years of experience.    In addition I will guarantee in writing that I will sell your house in 60 days or less.  How can I do this?  I'll take a 60 day listing as I am confident.

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