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Simple Pricing

October 15th, 2020

Pricing and condition need to be correct the day that the house goes on the market. In the beginning, your home is the fresh property that everyone wants to see.  You get your most showings the first few weeks.  If pricing and condition and not balanced, the buyer moves on.  Meanwhile the days on market start clicking until you have been on the market for months and are no longer fresh.  When a listing is stale, buyers ask what is wrong with this property and why didn't it sell?  When you correct price and fix a few things that should have already been done, you cannot correct it.  Instead of a 5K reduction, you may need to do a 10K reduction in order to motivate buyers to come back.  As far as condition, if the house is not market ready and the buyer sees work, they move on as well.  You end up taking less for the property than you would have in the beginning if everything was in balance.  Do not over price your home.  Fix everything that needs fixing and make your home clean, current, and neutral.

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My blog is to help buyers and sellers be more informed about the home buying and selling process in today's market. I have been selling real estate in the Houston area for over 20 years and am passing on the questions that my buyers and sellers ask.
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