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Real Estate is Hot in Waller and Montgomery Counties

July 11th, 2012

Real estate is heating up out here in Waller county and the Magnolia areas.
 Real Estate is so hot out here the pending sales are popping up like popcorn!
Agents are showing night and day.  This good news will not be  hitting the media for a couple of months as they will just be getting the numbers in by then.
Now is the time to sell your home while the buyers are out there.
Interest rates are at an all time low. 
Price your home right, get three agent opinions and have your home ready before you put it on the market.
At this writing it is now cheaper to pay a home mortgage than to rent.  IMPORTANT NEWS!  you can give yourself a bonus every April 15th by taking the interest you pay on your loan off your income. Take it all the way to your accountant with joy.
TOUCH:  Clean up all the things you touch -- doors, light switches, toilets, sinks, etc.
SMELL:  Take the kitchen garbage can outside or do not put food products in the inside can.  Take them immediately out to the outside can.  Some homes I have visited  smell. un beknowensed to the owner like the inside of a dumpster.  Even high end homes... probably more than you would think.
Bath the animals and keep them somewhere else.  Have carpets professionally cleaned and deoderized.  Have a friend come over and check their smeller or ask your agent bluntly what they smelled when they first walked in.  Do not cook fish or lots of curry, onions. cabbage family foods, while your house is on the market. Keep a pot of water with cinnamon and a dab of vanilla, teaspoon of nutmeg on the stove and boil it every night before retiring.
  SIGHT;  Dirty light switches, toilets, sinks, doors, carpets, clutter, landscaping, clean out the garage.  The his toy room for men.   Declutter.  Remove all personal memorabilia, such as religious items, personal pictures, trophies, banners, collections, etc.  When agent is showing the home. these items will distract the prospects  chain of thought regarding the house, or opinionate them to the point they would not want to live there.
  SOUND:  turn off the stereo or turn it on to pleasant soft music (NOT LOUD).  Turn off the TV, other noisy items like scretching ceiling fans, bathroom exhaust fans. Get them replaced or fixed,

   If you are not ready to sell your home work on keeping it upgraded, clean, and well landscaped, so that when you do get to the point of selling you are ready without having to take a month to get ready and you will be in line for a quick sale. 


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