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Time to make money while the market is still good

October 28th, 2015



SALES WERE GOING WILD AND FERIOUS.  Prices were exculating.  Compac was bringing in 9,000 new employees.

Kathy Whitmire was mayor of Houston.  The promise of a great economy was on the horizon.  LIfe would be good.

You could put your home on the market and in days it was SOLD1

Old Oaks was the place to live.  Champions was the place to live.  Klien schools were excellent.  Spring schools was where ou wanted your child to go to school.  Crime was non existent. 

The police would tell  you that was the area they wanted to handle from I-45 to 249.  No crime, just peddy stuff.

What happened?

Back up to the 60's and 70's

Northpoint Mall was the best mall in Houston.  We came from Montgomery just to shop at Joskes.  Or eat out at Bobby McGees.  What a great place to shop and eat the best of foods.

No shpping from there to Conroe.  Just open pastures with dairies and fields and trees.

I told my mom some day Houston would run from downtown clear to Conroe.  But not in my lifetime.  WRONG!

Then came Greenspoint Mall, the largest mall under one roof in the nation.  Great stores like Foleys, Monggomery Wards, Sears, Dillards and more.  

Exxon had huge highrise buildings across the street.  Friendswood, owned several of the highrises stretching from Greeens Rd to Benmar.  ABS had its headquarters on Greenspoint Drive. Chevron, Smith, and more loacated near the airport.  The Wyhndam was a place you dreamed of to eat dinner at the club.  TGI Fridays was a great evening with friends and family.   The Hotel Soffetel hosted a delightful  bakery and dinner club.

What a great place to raise children. or live and commute tot he airport.

Then things grew and FM 1960 took off.. Homes were being built at a tremendous pace.  The bigger the better. Schools had to expand., FM 1960 had to be widened.  249 took off.  Businesses   in all up ad down FM 1960.  Willowbrook Mall was now the great place to shop.  The living was good.   

What happened???  They/we all  moved on to the Woodlands or farther out.

And now you know part of the  rest of the story.  

We are expecting a huge employee base from Exxon to move in to the area.  Life will be great.  Schools will need to expand.  Roads are already being  built to accommodate the influx of the population growth.  New businesses will come to town.   The wireless age is upon us. Not gas.

But WAIT!  Gas just dropped to record levels.  Ask yourself to reflect back to the 70's and 80's  when all the  gas rage was on, those malls were bursting at the seams.  Drive through those commnities that were thriving back then.  

It is time to tighten that belt buckle, save all the money you can.  Learn from our predisesors and save save save.  Do not spend spend spend.  

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