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Real Estate investing for tomorrow

October 31st, 2015

History has prove that real estate is your best investment for your retirement years.

Start as soon as you can.   Buying homes for your rental investment and retirement.  

The Northwest Houston and farther north is a great place to start.  

As you build your portfolio, you will begin to see the pay back.  Plan on buying at least one home per year.

A great formula for your return:  add up the rents.  Factor in any future expenses and repairs, taxes.  If the home will pay you back in 5 years you have a plan.  A Great Plan.  

Buying fixer uppers are great, if you have the skills to do most of the work.  Or you may have your own team of workers who can do the work in expensively.

Buying manufactured homes is a great way to spend less and get more.,and less of a gamble. 

The taxing authorities stick their nose up at mobile homes and keep lowering the value.  Therefore your taxes, if you play the game of protesting, taxes go down, down, down.

Watch the insurance, it is and will be a problem if you do not shop the market.

Repairs are simple and are easily accessible.  

Freestanding/stick built homes can be a good investment, as long as you have done your homework.  Research  the area for crime,  schools, etc.  It is vital that you have a home inspection done before you ever make an offer.  Free standing/stick built homes can be a huge mistake if:  1. you come up with a cracked slab,  2.  Roof damage. 3.  Structural damage 4. mold 5. termites 6. animals that have damaged the home.  These are just a few of common expensive mistakes that can take the joy out of ownership.  Unless you get a great steal.  LOL

Now is the time to begin your real estate investment with your first rental home.  The rental market is the best it has ever been.  It is a Landlords market.

Real Estate is the best investment you can afford.  You need to make sure you are getting the best price for your dollar.  As long as you keep your investment in good repair.  Keep it well maintained inside and outside.  Keep the curb appeal the best you can.  Updates are important for getting the top of the market.  Remember, if you keep your home up , you will be getting the top of the market.  This means you will need tax write offs.  And those repairs will be a good investment for your write offs.  This investment will grow in value and by keeping it well maintained your rents will only go up.  

Good luck in your future, good luck in your investing, good luck in all that you do.

I will be more than happy to consult with you on your plan.

Just give me a call at:  281 444 4555, remember this number as being 281 four 4's and 3 5's.  A full house with a kicker.

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