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January 4th, 2018

This is my Dad.  He's a real card.  He's 87 and never met a joke or a pun he didnt love.  I think you can tell from the picture!  Yes, he finally got some teeth... the better to drive me and everyone he meets crazy with!  Its his way of spitting in the eye of old age.  He studied mathematics and physics through graduate school and ended up in the very early world of computers.-- and actually was commended by the administration for his contribution to "black ops" in the 50s and 60s.   He's brilliant, and there was nothing he couldnt figure out or fix.. or discuss.... Well that is until now.  He cant fix his increasing frailties, and its heartbreaking to see that he cant figure them out either... But Lordy, let me tell you, he sure still can DISCUSS them!!

So, with all this first hand inspiration and experience, I'd like to share with you the finer and the not so fine options and decisions that come with this life stage...  Some days will just be an entertaining romp through an ER visit... sometimes it will be dealing with seniors penchant for romance,  or their distinct nutritional choices... and in between the laughter, the tears, and the urges to wring a neck or two... we will discuss the real estate options, choices and decisions that we all "of this certain age" must face.

TTFN.... who remembers that one??  

And PS all you young hipsters - i know you think this doesnt apply to you.. but it does, and it will... and please reach out to me for making your first home purchases be ones that you will appreciate when its time to sell!

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