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January 5th, 2018

If you look close you can see that I am not a native Texan.. since that is an authentic NYC subway token I wear to keep me in touch with my roots!  

But as folks like to say - i got here as fast as I could.. and one of the reasons I stayed was the great cost of living and largely the cost of real estate.  Its no surprise i made it my vocation.. When you consider what banks pay in interest and the volatility of the market...its good to have something solid as an investment.  Something real... REAL estate.  Sound choices are of course key, but up or down at least you have something to sell, orr pitch your tent on... or dig your bunker under... depending on where the current handbasket takes us...   When I was first recruited into real estate my gut reaction was ( i kid you not ) "no way - thats as bad as a used car salesman"!  Please any of you out there selling used cars dont take offense...its a stereotype and i know you good ones are out there too... but stereotypes dont come about for no reason.  In the end ( just like you who sell cars). I decided that it was something that should and could be done well, and ethically and with the true best interest of the client... and figured I would be the one to do it..  And that decision has served me well.  

I know you cant wait to hear more, and i promise the next one will be a doozy... 

peace out man (hahahaha)

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