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Shouldn't I smile for the photo??

January 14th, 2018

Today I am actually going to lead into some practical info for others dealing with the issues of the over 55 crowd,  But first a couple of updates... my way of putting things in perspective.  

Dad - yes, 3 trips to the ER since thanksgiving... but thank Goodness all ok..   And this week - he has 6 - SIX - follow up doctor appointments... which means  this week I drive the short bus of medical transport..  

And those great teeth?  He lost them again and guess who found them?  The dog!  But the didn’t like the look so he chewed off the 2 front teeth.  Add another doctor appointment.

Me - well all this havoc takes its toll.. most recent ER trip was for me... only 7 stitches to Dad's 12, but I wasn't trying to compete!  But it seems multi tasking has its limits…   Its better to take out one one trash can at a time...

So as promised, let me share some things I learned recently.  We deal with each stage of life without any prior experience - no matter how old we are.  Decisions about caring for your loved ones as they age are no exception. Like raising children, it is a constant balance of doing too little or doing too much.  First of all, unlike raising children, you are not helping them prepare them to flourish. 

There won’t be any of that “wait til it’s your turn!!” part… it already happened, AND they don’t remember.

Poor Dad sure doesn’t like the situation either.  Considering their future, our beloved parents are already in a bad mood.  Which leads right to number two:   they are likely in denial about their capabilities, and not interested in discussing it.  So here we are in situations that are dangerous for themselves and for others.  Like driving.  Or in Dad's case (besides the driving of course) using his cane as prop or a dance partner (it’s SO distinguished and, it worked for Fred Astaire) And he thinks its charming to prod people who are in his way or whose attention he would like.  Result?  Falling (see above 12 stitches) and yes plenty of attention, from the ER, insulted ladies, neighbors, oh yes, and ME!!  

Third, even folks who thrive on change as I do - probably won’t at this point.  And change is what is occurring every single day…

(have we gotten to the real estate part yet???)…

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