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Independant VS Assissted.... who knew??

January 28th, 2018

  I am thinking that most people are like me - until facing this need to move our older loved ones,  had no idea of the difference in each type of communitiy.  We all know what a NURSING HOME is and know that no one wants to have to be THERE, but what about all the other options available for active adults, over 55s, "seniors", places "for mom"?  It is big business now.  Ads touting the benefits or offering "free" assistance seem to be on every channel.  

  The takeaway:

assisted living includes some type of medical supervision and/or care

independant living includes  services to reduce the need for cooking cleaning driving and entertaining the residents

memory care is a newer category now in assisted living for those whose dementia or alheimers issues have left them with special risks

Once you have decided which type of community is best, the trick for each is to assess what is offered and at what cost.  Some are all-inclusive, while some are a la carte.  And as ususal, each mangaging group does it best to make it hard to compare apples to apples..  

Another huge consideration - and personally I feel THE most important - is the make up of the population in any of these communities.  Honestly, that was how I really came to understand the differences, and to make the best choice for Dad.  You want a population where your loved one will be comfortable, and will find companionable neighbors.  A place that will offer the right amount of company, activity and stimulation for their best quality of life.

So there is a kernal of wisdom for you - I hope it saves you the weeks of reserch and site visits that I spent learning the difference in a way I could understand and apply to my Dad's needs.

So I will leave you today with something new I just learned from my Dad..

"HERES LOOKIN AT YA!"  the origin of this toast??  

when you get there - you ARE looking at each other!!


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