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How to choose a realtor - and what you should know about online reviews

February 17th, 2018

   When I first considered a career in real estate, my first thought was - well not a good one!  Like Brian here, anyone can put on a gold jacket!!  Real estate was touted as the profession you can enter without a college degree... and that was something to be proud of??  But the more I learned about the importance of good representation for buyers and sellers, the more I understood that I could raise the bar.

    Most folks  make a home purchase once or twice in a lifetime.  I do it every day!  What seems like acres of documents is rote for me, and I can decode, decipher and defuse the threat of all that fine print!  Most importantly, I put you ahead of anything else. My goal is for my buyers to be happy down the line when it’s time to sell!!

   Which brings me to my title point: In today’s online world, reviews are easy to find, and easy to manufacture.  Every day we hear more about “bots” and how online reputations are fabricated.  Most “reviews” have a pay to play aspect, and some of the most visible agents are ones who just spend money self-promoting.  I know this as I am approached all the time to "advertise" and "raise my rating" this way.  Then there are the agents who "do the most business".  This may be one name, but in fact is a large group that will hand you off throughout a transaction. It is just not possible to provide the time and attention needed to more than so many clients at a time.  The name may draw prospects in, but rarely will that be the person you see more than once, if that!   As in every business, it’s hard to find good help.  The person you start out with may not be there next time, or even by the end of your sale!  

This just will not ever happen with me.  You know me, you work with me, and I am involved in every aspect of your sale.  Christi - my "other half"- and I have worked as a team for over 15 years.  Just us!  That's quality control the way I do it!

    So in closing, if you want a real review, talk to recent clients!  I am always happy to get you connected personally to mine!  Just ask!  




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