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Julius has been a real estate broker for over 20+ years and has coached, mentored, and trained many others. He has always been focused on staying abreast of the latest real estate trends, news, and laws.

Removing the Stress and Uncertainty!

February 7th, 2018

Removing the Stress and Uncertainty of Selling!

The way sellers currently sell their homes in Texas is about to be disrupted and enhanced, dramatically!  The same way Airbnb disrupted the hotel industry, the way Uber disrupted the public transportation industry, the way Amazon disrupted the retail industry – the Real Estate industry is about to see a much-needed overhaul & our team at Zatopek Properties is on-board and ready to embrace the concept!

The Real Estate industry is already being disrupted with the numerous iBuyer platforms in other locations around the United States and the UK.

In a nutshell, here’s how it works:
1.     You decide you want or need to sell your home
2.     You contact us (an iBuyer company) to evaluate your property and give you a fair opinion of market value
3.     We prepare an “on-the-spot” offer to purchase your property
·        You get to decide:
o   do you want to accept our offer and move forward, or
o   do you want to go through the traditional listing/selling process
  • ·        Based on your decision, we get your property sold with either of the above processes

The take-way:You’re in total control of your selling decision!

So just like you, I was skeptical.  I have spent the last several months trying to shoot holes in the iBuyer concept.  However, the more I researched it and the more I tried to discredit the concept; the more I liked it and felt it is a much-needed platform to give sellers an alternative to the current selling process by traditional real estate agents & the current processes used by real estate investors that are trying to buy property at a huge discount.

iBuyers do not heavily discount the purchase price nor do they charge a real estate commission.  Their offers usually include a service fee typically ranging from 6-14% and they typically buy the property “as-is”.  They will have the property inspected, but unless there are major property issues not previously noticed & included in their initial offer, they will typically not ask you, the seller, to do any repairs or updates.

So why would a seller consider selling to an iBuyer, rather than going through the traditional listing/selling process?
·        Reduces Stress of selling
·        Reduces Uncertainty of selling
·        Reduces Time (days on market)
·        Allows you the flexibility to determine your move out date
·        Allows you the opportunity to purchase another home without a contingency to sell yours (It’s already SOLD!)

However, this platform is not for all sellers. 

Some sellers still like having strangers walk through their home, look in their closets, open all their drawers, peer at their personal photos, etc.

If not, then give us a call today (281) 342-1997 so we can discuss in more detail.

Compliments of;
Julius F Zatopek III – Broker/Owner

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