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How Our Real Estate Service Works in Houston, Texas

Your Needs, We Listen, We Care AND We Deliver with Compassion--The Kay Horacefield Team is equipped to become your trusted advisor to answer real estate questions, to help and guide you, the consumer. You can take the teacher out of the classroom but you cannot take the classroom out of the teacher. Working with all ages, communication for understanding of how Residential Real Estate Works. Welcome to the open classroom of how Real Estate Service Works.

How Our Real Estate Services Work for YOU in Texas

November 4th, 2017

How Our Real Estate Services Work for YOU in Texas

For many consumers, home ownership seems like a dream that quickly disappears when they do not know where to find real estate guidance, reassurance and rock-solid information about the buying or selling of residential real estate.  They want to avoid costly mistakes and simply do not know who to turn to and trust.

Others, visualize owning a home that brings smiles to their faces and warmth to their hearts.  It is natural for them to want to rush ahead for the fun part of shopping for their dream home.

Both of these two types of consumers are the exact reasons that I am here to help with answers and guidance.  Providing the knowledge and information needed that will help you, the consumer, make informed decision in buying or selling your home. Being the teacher who left the” public school classroom” and entered the “real estate world classroom”, it is natural to share my people skills and problem-solving techniques while communicating with consumers in the “Home Buying and Selling Arena” of residential real estate.  We Listen, We Care, and We Deliver with Compassion! is what sets me and my team apart for all of the many REALTORS®. The Kay Horacefield Team is here to help you.

If it is you first time purchasing a home, or even if you have purchased a home before, information is the key to success.   

How I Work for Buyers! Who will teach you the right steps to take – who?

  • Hears and relates to your specific needs
  • Is keenly knowledgeable
  • Is a skillful negotiator, working for your best interest
  • Is a joy to work with and shares your excitement
  • Is easy to talk to, and keeps things calm
  • Has a thorough understanding of real estate
  • Will guide you through the real estate buying process from start to finish
  • Understands the fiduciary obligations to you and looks after your best interest
  • Call Kay! The Kay Horacefield Team is here to help you

How Much Can I Afford?  What Do I Want to Spend?

  • You do not want to over buy and be in a money crunch each month.
  • You don’t want to under buy just because you didn’t know how much you could comfortably afford for your dream home.
  • To help you find your comfort zone, we will provide a list of mortgage companies in case you need a reliable source.
  • Do not let the eye candy get the best of your emotions and regret your decisions in the future. 

You do want a home you will continue to love and afford.  New furniture, entertainment and life will continue to have their wishes and requirements beyond the closing.  Let’s find the price range that just right for you and look at those homes.  Now, doesn’t that make sense?  Great, I thought you would agree.  Nobody likes to be set up for disappointment.

What You Need to Know About the Loan Pre-Approval

  • Gather all of your information for you loan approval.
  • It takes some time for the mortgage provider to process the paperwork. You may even be asked for additional information that an underwriter may request.  It’s ok, get them what they need right away.
  • Getting a pre-approval is a more in-depth process than the pre-qualification—it can shorten the length of time for your closing date.  So, it is well worth your time and effort to complete the process.
  • As a pre-approved buyer, you are considered a stronger, serious buyer in the eyes of the seller.

The Kay Horacefield Team will walk buyers through the buying process, making sure that you have all of the facts needed and your questions and concerns addressed.  Whether you are a First Time Buyer or Not, Education is the key to homeownership and we are here to help!  

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Stay tuned for Our Real Estate Service Series: How I Work for Buyers /Part 2

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