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June 23rd, 2009


How can you possibly do a CMA in less than 10 minutes and actually be authentic?  Because the goals of the MarketCentric CMA are different.  It nicely fits the professional's natural work flow, and allows the REALTOR to instantly use the information they know when they have the ability to discover it.  Your market research (you know the hands-on-keyboard, eyes-on-screen, butts-in-seats type of initial work that's necessary) does not produce a price.  It produces the limits of the local market, then visually fits the subject property into that market, and all it's pricing possibilities (top, bottom and everything in between).  Comps are automatically selected (pro can always override), no adjustments are required...what did I just say??  Don't scoff at me yet!!

THEN when you arrive at your listing appointment, you use this nifty little field tool to zero right in on the appropriate price, as you discover together with the seller the factors you could not possibly know during the "butts-in-seats" phase.  You know, the real estate and people issues that are so important in pricing property.  Right alongside your potential client you grade the propery on location, condition and upgrades, and the seller's circumstances.  Present the market, present a plan, be authentic, be the professional, be the market expert.  This is way different people!  This is a new way, a better way imho.  Too far outside the box for you?  Don't be chicken!  ;-)

Currently we are only available in Houston, but we hope to be in most major markets by end of this year.

Check it out at  Sure interested in your thoughts and feedback!

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The MarketCentric CMA at is a powerful new CMA, listing presentation, and buyer presentation for the REALTOR. Find news on here. Post a comment if you want a fresh perspective on your local market.
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