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Staging Tips To Help You Sell Your Houston Home In 2019

March 12th, 2019

Are you planning on selling your Houston Texas Home in 2019? If so, you've come to the right place!

There's no doubt that the real estate market in Houston Texas has changed when compared to 2018 because during this time last year we were still in seller's market but this year at this time we're in a buyer's market. Thankfully, every homeowner in the Houston area can still successfully sell their home for the most money possible if they take the time to stage their house before listing it.

In this article, I'll share with you several home staging tips that you can use to effectively ensure that your home is ready to be seen by buyers once it's listed on the MLS.

Tip #1 - Always Keep Your Home Tidy

During the process of selling your Houston Texas, home one thing is for certain, your real estate agent may call you at any time informing you that they have a buyer who is interested in viewing your home. This means that if you have children, pets, or a large family, you may have to do everything possible at a moment's notice to get your home clean and spotless just in time for the agent and their buyer to arrive.

Instead of doing everything at the last minute, you should take the time to de-clutter and clean your house before listing it then once it's listed, make sure that everyone in your home does their part to keep the home clean and tidy 24/7 until it's sold.

Tip #2 - Modernize Your Home With A Few Items

Although you may like your home with its current Decor, the reality is that if you want to have your home be more appealing to buyers you should make the effort to modernize the look of your home by investing in a few trendy, modern items.

If you are unsure about what can be considered to be modern right now, all you have to do is review websites like Pinterest or Instagram to see what are the latest stylish pieces that people are adding to their homes. These can be curtains, duvet covers, wall hangings, coffee tables, chairs, or any affordable item which can help to modernize your home and make it appear to be more stylish than it may currently be.

Tip #3 - Make Your Home Feel Like “Their” Home

Last of all, but most important, the most conventional piece of home staging wisdom that I can offer you is that you should go out of your way to make buyers feel at home. This is done by removing personalization from your home including photographs of your kids, mementos, or other knick-knacks that you've accumulated over the years.

Your goal as a home seller is to depersonalize your house so that when a buyer shows up to view the property, they will be able to imagine themselves living there rather than being distracted by your decorating tastes, knick-knacks or other personal items that you may still have in the home.

Sell Your Houston Texas Home

To learn more great tips about selling your Houston Texas home, or do I find out how much it's currently worth, contact me today by calling (713) 819-1642 or click here to connect me online.

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I believe an educated Buyer or Seller will be far happier during the home buying/selling process.
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