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De-Clutter The Outside of your Refrigerator...before You list your house!!!

January 21st, 2011

I have to admit I'm guilty of putting these magnet on my refrigerator. For years now we have got a magnet from every place we visit but I'm also not selling my home.

I agree that when selling your home they need to be cleared off the refrigerator.  A great place to buy the metal frame she talks about is from the container store by the way.


Via Suzanne Asher (Signature Properties of Huntington):

De Cluttering the outside of your refrigerator…… A GREAT idea!!!

There are so many things to do to declutter a house.

Here is something that is really out of control for some people in the kitchen but I just saw a great idea the other day that I wanted to share with you.

Refrigerator Magnets!  Ah, Refrigerator Magnets….  Sometimes a collection of these appears ALL over a person’s refrigerator and did you ever see them in a photo of a house listing…….. This is a definite NO NO to have on the fridge for Photos…..Ugh Refrigerator Magnets

Do you know what refrigerator magnets mean to someone?  I’ll tell you a story I heard while visiting a clients home.  I knew she had a ton of refrigerator magnets but I had to tell her, even tho these are so meaningful to her, she would have to find another home for them.  In the past she had explained them all to me…….  “my daughter brought me this one from her honeymoon… This one I got from someone when she was born!  Oh, here’s one from the cross country trip we took ten years ago, we went to this cute little bar!  Oh here’s one from our first anniversary, a photo of our first grandchild……. Etc!!!  And on and on and on…. 

Well while in a clients home the other day, I noticed that the front of the refrig looked so neat!  I couldn’t imagine that she threw all these magnets away…. And she turned me in the direction of a wall in the kitchen.  Hanging on the wall was a beautiful frame and inside the frame was metal, and stuck to the metal was all those refrigerator magnets, years of sentimental reminders of times past!!!  It had turned into a framed masterpiece filled with years of memories!  This was one of the most clever things I had seen!!!

When I list a house now and I know that they have these little “treasures” placed all over the fridge, I bring them a framed piece of metal….  Yes, you can still keep your refrigerator magnets, but you will have to display them in this frame!!!  What a GREAT solution to an otherwise sloppy display on the refrigerator!!!  And a memory that will last a lifetime!

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