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Kodak moment - Welcome home from Iraq!!

December 15th, 2010

Welcome home from Iraq - Sergeant Tarren James Peterson 3-7-2009

My Kodak moment took place March 9th 2009 in Fort Hood TX.  This picture took place at our son's Welcome Home ceremony from his second tour of Iraq in  Fort Hood TX. (I can still look at the picture and get all weepy.)

Tarren surprised us straight out of high school and decided to join the Army as an Intelligence Analyst.  We were surprised as we are not a military family. Part of the reason he joined the Army was that was the same branch of service my Dad was in during World War II; the other part had to do with some darn good recruiters. As I said we are not necessarily a military family but my husband's side and my side do have a long history of men serving our country when needed.

Tarren ended up doing two tour of Iraq.  The first tour was AWFUL. He was stationed at a little town called Hit; just northwest of Ramadi. This happened to be the time when the insurgents were coming in to Iraq and this base was along the route they took. The base was mortared the entire 14 months that he was stationed there. He would tell me they were really bad shots but that did not make a Mom feel better.

After finishing his first tour the base he was stationed at in Germany was closed. I can remember how excited I was when I found he would be based here in Texas at Fort Hood.  That excitement turned to dread when I found out that he was getting the stop loss and was being put with a unit that would be heading straight back to Iraq. At the time I was so upset with God for sending him back.  As usual our heavenly Father knew better than me. 

Thank God his second tour was nothing like the first one.  He was based at a fairly large base in Baghdad.  At this point things had calmed down in Iraq and he had lots of time for reflection.  As I said he got the stop loss so he was an additional 10 months in the Army past the 4 years he signed up for. Being in the desert he spent lots of time studying the ocean (lol). He got out of the Army in June of 2009 and is now a Sophomore at Texas A&M getting a degree in Ocean Engineering.

Going back to the picture if you look behind us you will see a lot of activity a soldier on his cell phone (probably trying to find his family in the hubbub) a little boy probably looking for his Daddy etc. This was our first welcome home ceremony as the other tour he came back to Germany. There was a large tent that was for the families to wait in with a huge big screen television that tracked the plane.  When the plane landed we saw it land on the big screen.  The soldiers came off at the landing field and we watched them walk off on the big screen as they played; Signed, Sealed Delivered Baby I'm yours.  We then waited outside at the parade field for what seemed like a long time. The buses all arrived and then pulled away and there were our soldiers. They all marched up to the parade field there was a short ceremony and then they said find your soldier.  If you would like to see some videos of the welcome home ceremony please visit my most favorite post at Welcome Home to Texas - 4th Infantry.

I was one of the lucky ones whose son came home from Iraq safe and sound.  As I see what is going on in Afghanistan right now it reminds me of Tarren's first tour.  Please join me in keeping our men and women who serve in our military in your prayers.  Freedom is not FREE!!

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