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Welcome to The Woodlands, Texas!

To provide helpful information to people moving to or who are new to The Woodlands, Texas and to Houston. Move with Marilee!

Welcome to my hometown, The Woodlands, Texas and to the Houston area! If you are considering moving to the area, I would love to help you get familiar with this wonderful community.

Low Cost Energy Fixes for Around Your Home

September 2nd, 2009

Saving Energy Around Your Home...Some Tips

Fill gaps around windows and doors. Test for leaks by placing your hand on an interior-window seam when it is significantly cooler or hotter outside than it is inside. If you feel a difference in temperature, you may well have a leak.  An estimate to make this repair may be a cost of $10 for enough weather stripping and a door sweep to seal one door; a $5 tube of caulk will seal four to six windows. For more information, look under “Home Improvement” at

Replace air filters monthly when in use.  This cost is minimal.  When dirt accumulates, the system is forced to work harder and is a main cause of their failure.  Schedule an annual service for your heating and cooling systems and equipment  ($80 to $200+ depending on number of units and house size ). Poorly maintained systems can waste 10 percent of your heating and cooling bill.

In your attic and basement, it is important to "seal the envelope":   to close air leaks in your home, which can save you up to 30 percent on your energy bill.  This includes using caulk or foam to seal holes drilled into the attic floor and the basement ceiling for the pipes and the cords (cable, phone) that enter the house.

Information obtained from Real Simple Magazine.

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