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Thank you for visiting and wanting to learn more about Real Estate. I live, Love and breath Real Estate. I hope you find my blog valuable and resourceful!

My name is Monica Bresofski and I LOVE to eat any carbohydrate, go "glamping", spend time on the water with family & friends. I'm married to an amazing man, Victor...who's my opposite in every way. We have two wonderful boys, Brett & Bryce. I'm excited your here and that you actually took the time to read all of this to the end. Seriously...we should be friends!

"I Need 20% Down" and Other Home-Buying Myths About Mortgages

October 24th, 2018

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<h3 style="letter-spacing:normal!important;font-family:Arial,sans-serif!important;float:left;width:373px;margin:0; font-size:16px!important; font-weight:bold!important;"><a style="color:#16a8d3!important; text-decoration:none!important;" href="" target="_blank">"I Need 20% Down" and Other Home-Buying Myths About Mortgages</a></h3>
<p style="letter-spacing:normal!important;font-family:Arial,sans-serif!important;margin:0;float:left;width:373px;">Tips for shopping around for a mortgage — even if you think you don’t qualify. <a target="_blank" style="color:#16a8d3!important; text-decoration:none!important;" href="">Read</a></p>
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<p style="letter-spacing:normal!important;font-family:Arial,sans-serif!important;margin:0 0 12px!important; color:#000!important; font-size:12px!important;">Visit <a style="color:#16a8d3!important; text-decoration:none!important;" href=""></a> for more articles like this.</p>
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Thank you for visiting and wanting to learn more about Real Estate. I live, Love and breath Real Estate. I hope you find my blog valuable and resourceful!
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