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MUD in Your Face!

September 14th, 2009

Everyone seems to be afraid of the BIG......BAD......MUD Tax.  But what is it really?

MUD stands for Municipal Utility District.  Basically, when developers decide to expand new subdivisions in areas further away from the main city, they have to run water lines, drainage, etc.  Otherwise, all new subdivisions would have wells and septic tanks!  This process costs money.  Thus, a MUD tax is imposed on the area.

Sure, some MUDs cause you to pay higher rates.  However, some districts' rates are actually lower than city tax rates!  Being in a MUD can actually benefit you as a homeowner.

Check out the easy-to-read flyer I've attached for you.  Hopefully, it will help clear the "MUD" out of your eyes!

...I was listening to silence when I wrote this... 

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