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April 14th, 2018

I am excited to announce that I had my FIRST CLOSING this past Friday! It was such an exciting day for me! (I could hardly sleep the night before!) Tonight, Toddie and I are enjoying a glass of wine from the bottle I won as a door prize at a continuing education class back on Feb. 20th - the day I took this contract to the title company!!! 

Throughout the process of finding just the right piece of property, negotiating the purchase price, completion of all the details that accompany the buying process, and finally sitting together at the closing table - I have learned SO much. I will forever be grateful to Mr. and Mrs.  Loveday for placing their confidence in me and allowing me to represent them as they purchased acreage in Wharton County for their future homestead. 

And, you know what accompanies my first closing?


First Commission Check

Pictured with me here, are my sponsoring Broker/Appraiser, Mike Groover (to my left), and Broker/Appraiser Dick Hudgins. They are the head honchos here at Hudgins-Groover Real Estate & Appraisal. They are well-known and highly respected in the real estate community throughout Texas. Not only are they patient and well-educated mentors, they are GOOD MEN! Their word is their bond. They are honest. They say what they mean...and mean what they say. I have known each of them and their families for over 30 years. It is a great honor and privilege to work with them now.

(I can't miss this opportunity to give them a plug: If any of you are in need of a real estate property appraisal, THEY are the ones to call!

If YOU, or someone you know, are thinking about selling your home or have the need or desire to purchase a home...

PLEASE, give ME a call: 979-531-9677, or drop me an email:

I'm ready to serve you!


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