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November 29th, 2017

In 2017, we sold an average of 5 properties a month, some our own and some for our clients. We have learned that home selling is one of the most stressful event in one’s life (Some research put home selling/moving ahead of divorce...

Underwater in both house and mortgage

September 23rd, 2017

Are both your house and mortgage underwater? The extreme flooding o...

My house just flooded - what do I do with it now?

September 23rd, 2017

Has your house just flooded? Are you debating about fixing it then returning to the house?...

How can foreigners finance real estate investments in the USA?

February 14th, 2017

With the increase in banking regulations in the past few years, it has become very difficult for foreign investors to obtain long term financing in the US. Most banks will not lend to them, simply because a foreign buyer cannot ‘fi...

How to market higher end properties?

December 17th, 2016

How to market higher end properties?   The market for higher end properties is rebalancing at the moment. The inventory for house selling for more than 500k is growing a...

How did the November 8th election affect our local Houston market?

December 17th, 2016

There is a knee jerk reaction of less buying activities before presidential elections. It was clearly felt in September and October. Hence there was a surge in home sales in November as documented in the Houston association of...

Is Fall and Winter a good time to be buying or selling real estate?

October 23rd, 2016

I have been asked this question several times this week, hence I thought I would address it in my blog. Yes, there is less selling activity during Fall and Winter but what does this really mean? Let’s first look...

Is Houston’s real estate market a buyer’s or seller ‘s market?

August 21st, 2016

Since the oil prices have gone down, one of the first question people always ask is how is it affecting the real estate market. Until recently, the answer was: not so much. However, the July 2016 monthly report from the Houston...

Can you trust Zillow’s ‘Zestimate’ value of a house?

July 31st, 2016

Everybody agrees it is very convenient and nice to be able to have an estimate of one’s house value by a simple click on Zillow’s website. Many owners are very proud of their Zestimate (when it is higher than what t...

What Foreign Real Estate Buyers should know when buying in Texas?

July 16th, 2016

Texas has made efforts to attract foreign capital in the past ten years and there is not much burden for foreigner wishing to buy in Texas. The clear goal of our legislature has been to beat California in the competition for foreign inve...

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To keep people informed about the Houston real estate market and investment opportunities.
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