I just completed my first transaction, buyers agent. How do I requet a review through HAR?

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Cristi Barahona
About 2 months ago
Har.com will send you a email telling you about the survey and to send it to your clients. You should get in within a few days of closing.
Cagdas Acar
About 2 months ago
You can find the related video at the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXGwYEAB_ZI
Lauren Luneau
About 2 months ago
Congratulations! Once the listing agent records the transaction as sold HAR will send you an email. The email will ask you for your clients name and email and they will contact your client to request a review. Once you fill out that email form, let your client know to be on the lookout for it.
Melissa Chavez
About 2 months ago
Congratulations!! You did it! It is my understanding you must be a platinum member, subscribe to ‘client experience rating’, and then the survey link is sent to you so you send to your client. Much success to more closings!!
Joe Applewhite
About 2 months ago
You have to be a Paying Platinum Agent to use that feature in Har.
Alfredo Rodriguez
About 2 months ago
Congratulations! You must be a Platinum Member and you will receive an email from HAR with a review request. You fill out the name and email of your client and they receive a survey where they can leave you a review. Platinum Service Member is a 1 time yearly fee. It’s worth it! Congratulations and time to close the next one!
Richard Luebeck
About 2 months ago
Congrats! You have to be a platinum member and HAR will send you and email link to send to your clients. Cheers!
Sharon Miller
About 2 months ago
Congratulations! Hope you have sent out your review to your client by now. Such a wonderful feeling to get your first transaction.
Rebecca Robinson
About 2 months ago
I do believe you have to be a Platinum Member to request recommendations. It is in the Tool Section of your home page. HAR Home Page>Tools>Ratings and Reviews.
Monica Atkins
About 2 months ago
Congratulations! In addition to your Consumer Satisfaction Survey, you can request a recommendation from the cooperating agent.
Tracie Benton
About 2 months ago
Good Question! If you have signed up for platinum membership you will go to Client Experience and you will see the survey's.
Dierdre Lehman
About 2 months ago
The Platinum Membership includes the HAR Client Experience Survey and MANY other great benefits. If you are not a Platinum Member, I highly recommend you consider signing up, and be sure to take advantage of HAR Training classes so you can maximize the value of your membership by learning how to use the tools available through HAR (this is true regardless of whether you are a Platinum member or not). If you are not a Platinum Member, you can always request your clients write a GOOGLE review under your own, or your Broker's Google Business account. Good luck!
Dinah Wicker
About 2 months ago
It has been my experience that unless you are the Listing Agent, you will not receive a Client Satisfaction Survey. You can go to your Platinum Agent Profile and send your buyer clients a recommendation request. Before you send it though, I would send a separate email explaining what you will do and thank them for letting you help them. Best of luck!
Andrew Nguyen
About 2 months ago
You will need a Platinum subscription to receive and display these reviews. Within ~72 hours on average after the Listing is marked as Closed, you should get an email from HAR to fill a form that sends a Review Request to your Client in the transaction. If not, you can manually send it out through the Platinum Tools section.
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