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School District Zones in Houston Texas

February 8th, 2017     Posted by April Lee

Here is a map on the different school zone areas in Houston Texas. Looking to move into a specific school district or school? Contact me to help you find the perect home in the perfect location. Picture provided by

DIY Valentine's Day Projects

February 8th, 2017     Posted by April Lee

Looking for cute Valentine's Day project that you can do home that is easy and won't cost an arm and a leg? You can try to make your own wreath, door hanger, or centerpiece for your home. Follow me on Pinterest for...

Updates That Produce The Most ROI (Return On Investment)

February 8th, 2017     Posted by April Lee

Are you interested in selling your home for top dollar? There are a few updates that you can do to improve the value of your home that will increase your bottom line. Updating your kitchen adds the most value to your...

School District Rankings 2017

January 18th, 2017     Posted by April Lee

Here is a list of school district rankings for 2017. If you're looking for a change or want to see where each school district is ranked click on this link for the list of school districts throughout Houston Texas. Search provided by...

New Year New Ways To Keep Your Home Organized

January 17th, 2017     Posted by April Lee

Tired of searching for items in your junk drawer? Try using a plastic tackle box insert to organize your batteries and other small household items inside your drawers. I found this tip on Pinterest! Follow me on Pinterst for more DIY hom...

This Month’s Smile: Halloween Tips

September 29th, 2015     Posted by April Lee

Based on classic scare flicks, these tips are inspired by Never read about summoning demons. Especially out loud. Don’t buy video games that open the gates of Ha...

Zip code map of Houston, TX

November 5th, 2014     Posted by April Lee

Curious at what zip code you want your next home to be in? Or, if you are looking at homes and can't quite figure out where a particular zip code is? Here's a map of all the zip codes in Houston Texas. With our city growing by th...

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