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Shayne Stone

11200 Broadway St. #2743, Pearland, TX 77584  
Phone: (713) 785-6666
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Fax: (713) 785-6631

About Me

I'm a no nonsense Real Estate Agent / Realtor.

Sometimes I'm too smart for myself, as I know this business very well, but I am always open to new ways of doing business.

I answer my phone 832-930-4587 between 9:00am to 9:00pm, and always reply to my Text & Emails at all Hours of the day, except when I'm sleeping!

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When you are looking for an Agent that is willing to go above and beyond their duties, look no further…

One of my favorite sayings is “Under Promise and Over Deliver”

When I have a Client I always Strive to make sure their Expectations are met. Not just in getting that Seller Client a nice Profit and getting the transaction to Closing, but also making every effort to get my Buyer Client Equity in their Purchase.
I believe in Representing only one (1) Party in a Transaction meaning, when I represent a Sellers – I only represent their Interest Only, and vice versa with Buyers.

In State of Texas, Agents are allowed to Represent both sides of the transaction, seller & buyer. I cannot figure out how an agent can do this fairly. Since the best interest in this type of representation would be of the Agents’; since their motive is to get the transaction closed, and receiving both sides of the Commission. I’m not saying all agents are like this, I just cannot see the clients’ as the primary benefactor in this type of transaction!

You be the Judge.

After all, if you find yourself in a court of law – which side would you want to represent you?

Even TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) has made it a point to amend the IABS form (Information About Brokerage Services) to clarify this issue to the public!

PM me if you would like to receive a copy of the IABS form…

Thanks for reviewing my profile & I look forward to earning your trust and business!!!

11200 Broadway St. #2743, Pearland, TX 77584   Get Directions
Phone: (713) 785-6666
Fax: (713) 785-6631