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Looking for credible and local investor friendly brokers

Dear Jeremy and Maria, nnYour investor friendly Realtor.nnCall me 832-283-1091nnCagdas AcarnMsc PSA 2 weeks ago

Are there realtors out there willing to work with a deferred Adjudication(non conviction)on their record?

Dear Nancy,nnI am happy that he took lessons from his mistake and doing good now. You might seek some legal help as we are not here to give any legal advice: you might consider filing petion for non-disclosure of the adjudication that might prevent showing more...Posted 1 week ago

i am looking for a place to rent. do i need to get an agent, if so what is the cost

Hi David, nnHaving a real estate agent is not a must, while highly recommended. You do not pay any fee to your agent, we are paid by landlord or property management company. Working with a real estate agent will ease your house hunt. We can: update more...Posted 2 weeks ago

How many continuing education class hours do I have?

Dear Kristin, nnYou can check your real estate education history on the TREC website. Please find the link below showing details. nn and Regards,nnCagdas AcarnMsc PSA more...Posted 2 weeks ago

How do I pay my bill

Dear Merry, nnIf you refer to your har dues check the link below.nn nnCagdas AcarnMsc PSA 3 weeks ago

Should home owners be at the open house?

Dear John, nnHomeowners should not be at the open house for many reasons. As mentioned the visitors will not feel comfortable having the homeowner at home. Owner might talk with the prospective buyers or with their agents and can tell things that they more...Posted 1 month ago

When is the last date home owners can file for exemption?

Dear John, nnThe general deadline for filing an exemption application is before May 1.nPlease check link below for further information.nnRegards,nnCagdas AcarnMsc PSA 1 month ago

Is landline required for home security?

Dear John,nnYou can buy a security system with or without a landline security system. Usually a security system without a landline uses mobile technology to communicate with the security company's monitoring center. A landline security system uses home more...Posted 1 month ago

how do i list my house on want to sell by myself.Is it necessary to list it on Har?

Dear Arumina, nnAs mentioned only a licensed real estate agent or broker can list your house on HAR. It is not necessary to list your house on HAR unless you want to get the highest exposure and get most serious buyers for it. Work with a Realtor: he/she more...Posted 1 month ago

is my license renewal date 03/31/2018

Your license expiration date is 03/31/2018nnYou can check in below link your real estate education history, expiration date, sponsoring broker and other information.nn more...Posted 2 months ago

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